Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The church as family

Alan Knox asks the question, "What would happen if your family acted like a church?" Maybe something like this?

Two young men walked in the den where grandma was watching her "stories". They shuffled their feet, made small talk, but finally got down to business.

"Grandma, we've all talked about it, and we don't think you're doing your job the way you once did - the way we need you to," the first man started.

"What do you mean, son?" the older lady asked, trying to see the TV around the two men.

"Well, you can't cook or clean anymore. You don't tell us stories of the old days. We haven't heard any wisdom from you in a long time. You usually just watch television and sleep. We're going to have to let you go," the second man said.

Grandma hung her head. "I realize that I'm getting older and can't carry out my duties that I once did. Will you at least give me a few weeks to find a new family?"

"We'll give you two weeks and a good recommendation. I'm sure that God is calling you to a good older family out there somewhere," her son said.

Read the whole thing. Of course, the question is not meant to drive us from church, but to drive us (the church), to Christ.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The best Bible commentary series of them all

Which is it? Baker's?

No. Then surely the New International series.

Not even. How bout the Pillar series?

Close. But THE BEST commentary series on the Bible of them all is....

...The Chronicles of Narnia. Buy them. Read them. Read them to yourself, read them to your spouse. Read them to your kids, read them to your parents. They're so good that even grown-ups will be able to understand the Bible!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hebrew for the rest of us

The happiest part of my day was learning that the companion to Mounce's Greek for the Rest of Us has been written. I've been hoping someone would write this for five years. Well, Lee Fields has now done it: Hebrew for the Rest of Us. Thank you Mr. Fields, and thank you Zondervan. This could be a $20 birthday (or Christmas) present that would provoke me to a $200 smile, for those family members of mine who are listening... :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sermonic ironies

Just helped my neighbour get his keys out of his locked-up car, and get his car out of the snow. And now he's coming to church this Sunday. Which is funny because I was somewhat reluctant to help what with all the sermon prep I was engaged in. That said, I hope my Sunday sermon is as good as my Friday night one.

More Dawkins and Lennox

Michael Bird recounts hearing a lecture by John Lennox, sitting down to a meal with the man, and provides us an interesting portion of a Dawkins interview.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Road trip top 5

Just got an email asking how the Bible conference went last weekend in Saskatoon. Here's my top five highlights:

1. Seeing how God had raised a friend's marriage from the grave.
2. Talking with an old hippie-turned-Christian.
3. Watching the above man's eyes fill with tears when he recalled what Jesus Christ crucified meant to him.
4. The comradeship of travelling and hanging out with two great buddies of mine.
5. Seeing a billboard in Saskatoon on which a wife says: "I kissed my husband and I loved it!"