Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

A lot of the bloggers I read are in the States, and so these days I'm reading lots about Thanksgiving Day. Is Thanksgiving Day an apologetic for God? Doug Wilson thinks so in a post I really enjoyed.

Well, I just sent a link of Mr. Wilson's post to a sister in our assembly because she had shared a warm anecdote with me of a touching interchange that took place during our last prayer meeting--when every one's eyes were supposed to be shut. I closed the email saying "I smell a blog post coming." Then, moments after sending it, my wife came in and placed a juicy cluster of grapes, wrapped in a napkin, on my desk. "A gift for you," she said. My heart overflowed with gratitude to God for those grapes. And then I read the word written on the napkin: "Thanks".

"You ask me how I know He lives." He lives because of grapes.

[Note from the picture the thing my wife is thankful for: that she could find room on my desk to place some grapes!]


Tammy said...

Hello, you don't know me but I just found out that you can find other people on line that like the same books and movies you do. Cool!
I saw that you like Hornblower movie but have you read the books?
My husband and I like alot of the same books and movies that you do.
I just thought that was cool.

MJK said...

Hi Tammy, thanks for checking out my blog and dropping a greeting. Unfortunately I have not read a Hornblower book. I take it you recommend it?!

That is neat that we like the same books. Great minds think alike!

Take care,

Tammy said...

Cool. Yes I definately suggest you read them. They are great! My dad gave me the whole series for Christmas last year. There are I think 7 books. I am reading the Dune Series right now. Dad gave me that last week.

Darene said...

lovely !

I'd be happy if you visit my blog and read some of my translations !