Sunday, January 6, 2008

Turns out it's biblical

Have an aversion to Mondays? It turns out it's biblical. Here's old testament scholar Bruce Waltke on the absence of the "And God saw that it was good" formula on Day 2 of the creation account:
On the second day, when God creates the firmament, he does not offer an evaluation. Footnote: Even God did not say that Mondays are good! (p62).

Literature cited: Genesis: A Commentary.


Anonymous said...

Of course, the important question is what the real reason is that God didn't say "It is good" regarding the works of Day 2?
I think we could safely assume that it has nothing to do with our equating Day 2 with Monday, just as God's declaring the work of day 6 "very good" has nothing to do with our equating it with a Friday :).

MJK said...

Perhaps the "very good" of Day 6 is God's approval of his work seen cumulitively over the entire period of creation? I don't know what "the real reason" is for the approval absence on Day 2. What do you think? Wenham notes that the separation of the waters was not completed until Day 3. Maybe this is suggestive?

Anonymous said...

This is how it has appealed to me... The pronouncement, "it was very good" on Day 6 indicates the special joy God took in the crowning point of His creation ... the creature in His own image ... the object of his redemptive love - Man. Likewise, the lack of "God saw that it was good" over Day 2 is because God knew that he had created on that day the stores of water that would be used in the first great judgment upon man for his sin - the Flood. The same creation that He so loved and desired a relationship with, was the same creation that would rebel and demand divine judgment for their sin.