Sunday, February 3, 2008

Friendship evangelism

I recently listened to the sermon on Friendship Evangelism by Doug Wilson. You can get at it here (date 1/27/08). There are some notes to go along with it, but much will be missed if you read them apart from the audio.

I have before linked to some people who are doing contact evangelism. This sermon speaks to the other aspect of evangelism: love, friendship, and openness. There is plenty of wisdom to be gained by giving it an ear. Often the news that you can do friendship evangelism (instead of the more courageous kind) is received as gospel itself. "You mean I just have to love people?" But I believe it is harder. We actually have to love people.

(A few minutes can be shaved off the experience by skipping the first bit. The sermon doesn't start until a ways in.)

HT: Doug Wilson

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