Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Christian and the employee RRSP fund

Should a Christian invest for retirement? This is a question I've wrestled with in the past, especially when faced with the radical nature of some of Jesus' demands. I recently came across a response to this question that has helped put this in perspective for me. It manages to hold together both the radical teachings of Jesus on possessions and the wise common sense the Bible espouses all throughout.

Here's Piper's conclusion:
So, all that to say, Put a governor on your life. Make as much as you can, give as much as you can, and save what you need to in order to be a responsible non-borrower. Then do retirement with some minimalistic plan that frees you up for gospel ministry till the day you drop.


Darren Irvine said...

Hey Mike,

thanks for pointing that one out. It's well put.

MJK said...

You're welcome Darren. I'm glad you left a comment, cause it led me to suspect that your blog might be alive and well. And, sure enough, it was! Well...actually...I'm not sure you're blog is least, not with its current blog title! King of corny man! :)