Saturday, June 21, 2008

God - that's not fair!

One of the applications we could make from Jesus' parable in Matthew 20.1-16 is that we should always check ourselves before we determine what is fair or unfair for God to do.

On a slightly related note, Craig Blomberg writes
But we are fools if we appeal to God for justice rather than grace, for in that case we’d all be damned. Nor will it do to speak of salvation begun by grace but ever after preserved by works. True salvation will of necessity produce good works and submission to Christ’s lordship in every area of life, or else it never was salvation to begin with. But all who are truly saved are equally precious in God’s sight and equally rewarded with eternal happiness in the company of Christ and all the redeemed. Jesus has now finished his answer to Peter’s question of 19:27 (New American Commentary).

UPDATE: Sorry, I had given the wrong reference. It is now Matthew 20:1-16, as it should be.

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