Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Fed-Ex delivery guy of the cell

[This is a guest post by my friend Margaret. She wrote this for Love for Truth at my request.]


I have an enormous respect for scientists. Some of them have changed the way we live. Witness the computer. Others have changed the way we view the universe.

Still others have changed the way we view life. New discoveries revealing the complexity of life’s simplest forms are being made continually. And universities are very generous in making these discoveries available to the public, at no cost except a click of the mouse.

Harvard has a site called BioVisions which contains a short, animated movie called "The Inner Life of the Cell". It took a team of animators 14 months to make this 8 minute movie. [BTW, the Wikipedia entry on “The Inner Life of the Cell” has some links at the end of the article. One is the 8-minute animation; another is David Bolinsky’s speech when he introduced the movie.]

Bolinsky describes the cell’s protein micro-machines as “the envy of nano-technologists the world over.” And I love the motor protein which he calls the “Fed-Ex delivery guy” of the cell.

Bolinsky is fascinated by “truth and beauty” in the arts and sciences. He describes these as “awful things, meaning they are things you can worship.” This does not suggest that he believes in God; but it does mean that the things he is talking about are not trivial.

I do not believe in God because of these things. But such things do suggest that belief in an intelligent Creator is a perfectly rational conclusion, based – not on ignorance – but on valid evidence.


MJK's note: The link provided above for "The Inner Life of the Cell" is the high speed version. Those with slower or faster web connections can view either of the following: slow speed version; super speed version. Also, for a shorter, non-narrated viewing, go here.

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