Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New online Bible study resource

There's a great website dedicated to biblical arcing. Arcing is a helpful strategy for determining an author's flow of thought. Biblical arcing helps us do what many commentators (and preachers!) fail at: following a biblical author's flow of thought.

John Piper has a very useful booklet explaining the process or arcing. I would encourage all serious readers of the Bible to download it for free and use it.

HT: Justin Taylor


Anonymous said...


Just wondering if you've been keeping up with Bible arcing?

I've started using and find it very helpful.

Take care,


MJK said...

I haven't been, Joel, until a couple nights ago when I started playing with it again. It looks great though and plan to go through the tutorials soon. Thanks for putting it back on my radar screen!

all the best to you