Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Links for your listening pleasure

Here are some links to sermons and lectures that I've been listening through recently (and not so recently). I promised to send these to some friends, and this seems to be a handy way to do it.

Tim Keller

Keller and Ed Clowney teamed up to deliver a 35-session class on preaching Christ in a postmodern world. I can't recommend these lectures too much. They have vastly shaped my views on
  • exegesis (you haven't properly exegeted a passage--even an OT one--until you see it in its redemptive-historical context, i.e., in relation to Christ)
  • illustration (the power of metaphor)
  • application (needs to be grace based)
  • various passages in the Bible (they preach "mini" sermons throughout the series to illustrate concepts)
All in all, they advocate preaching Christ in every sermon, and they show you how to do so legitimately.

Also, Keller preaches through his excellent book, The Reason For God. Check out other sermons of his for free here.

Don Carson

Mars Hill church sponsored A Day With Dr. Don. The second session, on Revelation 12, made more sense of Revelation than anything else I've heard.

Here are two excellent messages on How to Wait for Jesus.

Carson on complementarianism.

For more, you can head over to the page they've set up for him at the Gospel Coalition.

Sinclair Ferguson and Alistair Begg

Some good old fashioned, Christ-exalting Scottish exposition (Sinclair Ferguson and Alistair Begg).

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