Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mechanics of men?

Just read the October edition of Uplook. The focus of this edition was on revival; thus nothing seemed out of place with the little blurb tucked away at the bottom of page 28 on the CrossCanada Cruisers.

Here's the blurb:

Cross Canada Cruisers is slowly turning the corner, if you’ll forgive the pun. Three or four young men have expressed an interest in joining forces with others to spread the good news across the land. A few cars have been provided (a 1952 Lincoln Capri, a 1955 Buick Riviera Super, and a 1956 Mercury Monclair). We are trusting the Lord to provide more committed men and vehicles as needed. We are grateful that brother Glen Hayes(Winnipeg) has offered to paint a parable picture with classic cars to illustrate the gospel. The first year’s training will begin after Easter, 2008, Lord willing. The intro mechanical training, car detailing and evangelism orientation will run from Mar 26 through May 4. The road trip is set to begin May 13 and will continue (with breaks) until the end of October. Those interested in more information, or those who would like an application, please contact: Grant Canfield (PE):

The November/December issue has an update on the whole thing on page 17:

Thanks to you who are praying for the new gospel venture to begin, Lord willing, in Canada shortly after Easter of 2008. A group of evangelists from across the nation are eager to begin!We have been able to acquire four cars so far and a few young men have sent in their applications. Others have inquired, but we are praying for enough men for two teams (one travelling west from the Atlantic, one travelling east from the Pacific). The Lord is greatly blessing the Good News on the Move teams in the U.S. and we long to see the same encouragement spreading across Canada. Interested? Contact Grant Canfield at

Is there someone who reads this blog and is looking for a way to not waste his life? To further pique your interest, read some of the reports from the Good News On the Move (GNOM) team (based in the U.S.). And introduce yourself (and pray for) this brave young band of men that makes up GNOM III.

If you haven't yet caught the vision for this project, please read pages 28-30 of the August/September issue. Spread the word about this opportunity to spread the Word. Support it with prayer. Follow the updates. Let's catch the vision. Canada needs revival. And so do I.

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