Monday, September 10, 2007

First the UK, now the Ukraine

A year ago tonight, Helen and I were staying with some great friends in London, debating taking the underground the next day on the anniversary of 9/11. [We ended up taking it, and was it ever worth it!] Tonight, like most nights these days, we're getting ready to go to Ukraine!

The Lord gave us the desire to go to Ukraine way back in the early spring. Now we're just 2.5 weeks from the departure gate, and getting more and more excited as we go.

Last night we had Malcolm and Jean Stanley over to discuss our trip. Malcolm has gone several times before so he knows all about it. It's a good thing too, because Helen and I certainly wouldn't know what to expect, and the two of us, along with Malcolm, bring the membership number of this missionary team up to a grand total of three! The highlight of our evening for me was turning to God together in prayer and committing every detail of the journey to Him. Christian fellowship brings so much joy.

Why are we going there? For the glory of God and the joy of people. What will we do there? Visit orphanages, villages, and possibly a jail or two; meet physical needs, speak at schools, and minister to Christians. Speaking of the Christians, don't think that we plan to show them all how it's done. I do hope that by the strength of the Holy Spirit we will be able to help them in some way, but I know I'll learn a lot from them too. Even the apostle Paul felt this way about visiting Christians he hadn't visited before. He writes to the Christians at Rome:
"11 For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to strengthen you— 12 that is, that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine" (Romans 1:11-12, ESV, my emphasis).

If you have some extra room on your prayer list, mention us to the One who alone can accomplish eternal work through us.

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