Friday, September 28, 2007


We had our first KFC (Kids For Christ) of the year this past Monday night. I don't know if the kids had fun, but I sure did! We had a nice group of kids come in for stories, games, singing, treats, and a Bible lesson. I tried to show them how that Jesus is the Master Builder, his handiwork in Joseph's carpenter shop being merely an echo of what he built at the beginning of time, and what he will build in the future (and what he's building right now, John 14:2).

Speaking of building, Helen and I built this castle--if you can call it that--for this year's KFC. As you can see, my Dad's skill in building didn't transfer to me, but the kids loved it. Thanks to everyone who saved milk cartons for "bricks"! Unfortunately, the picture doesn't bring out all three dimensions of this impressive, redefining-Austin's-skyline structure!

We'll be praying for the rest of the KFC team as they look after two sessions while we're gone.

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