Friday, September 28, 2007

John Lennox vs. Richard Dawkins

Great news! Jabe Nicholson passes this on:

Would you make the upcoming event a matter for serious prayer? On October 3,there will be a debate on the existence of God at the Alys Stephens Center in Birmingham, Alabama. Richard Dawkins, called by the BBC "Darwin's Rottweiler" and author of The New York Times bestseller The God Delusion will face Christian apologist John Lennox. This will also be one of the few debates in which Dawkins has participated. The event is sold out.

The debate will take place as Dr. Lennox releases his new book God's Undertaker: Has Science Buried God? published by Kregel. "A brilliantly argued reevaluation of the relation of science and religion, casting welcome new light on today's major debates," says author Alister McGrath of Lennox's book. "A must-read for all reflecting on the greatest questions of life." As another reviewer wrote: "Lennox employs impeccable logic, irrefutable documentation, and extraordinary Christian grace as he invites readers to reexamine claims that belief in God is incompatible with modern science."

The God Delusion Debate is sponsored by Fixed Point Foundation, a Christian think tank. Richard Dawkins is a fellow of the Royal Society and Charles Simonyi chair for the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University and is an eloquent spokesman for what has been dubbed "the new atheism." John Lennox has doctorates from Oxford, Cambridge and the University of Wales. He is reader in mathematics in the University of Oxford, and fellow in mathematics and the philosophy of science at Green College.

The debate will also be broadcast via the Moody Broadcasting Network and its affiliates, but is being made available to any stations who are interested in carrying the broadcast. Please pray for a full measure of wisdom, grace and courage for brother Lennox, and that the format will be fair to both participants. Pray that the light of truth will shine into many hearts as a result.

This is sure to be a great debate. Dawkins, well, everybody knows him. Lennox is not so widely known amongst the general public, but mathematicians certainly know about him! He's that kind of genius whose eyes betray his brilliance, but whose graciousness and humility conceal it. John Lennox has teamed up with another hero of mine, David Gooding, to write some excellent apologetic books. It is great to see that serious Christian scholarship has not entirely disappeared from brethren assemblies.

Here's the new book by Lennox, and here's the older one he co-wrote with Gooding.


Anonymous said...

Excellent comments. The debate (
was interesting particulary from the point of view that Lennox gave a more well rounded and logical case for not only the existance of God, but also the meaning of humanity (which are mutually interentangled anyway). It's even pointless to speak of logic and absolute reason without envoking an absolute, unchangin source of it. God Bless.

MJK said...

Thanks for your comment and the link. God bless you too.
~ Mike

enoch1888 said...

Files no longer at the above mentioned link... but you can find them here: